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Interview with CM Brad Bradford

CM C.O. Bradford

CM C.O. “Brad” Bradford is in his first term of service in At Large #4. A former Chief of Police with HPD and the Democratic nominee for District Attorney in 2008, CM Bradford has been one of the more high profile Council members recently, frequently as a critic of Mayor Parker. I can’t say I’ve always understood his perspective in these matters, but I can say that I came away from our conversation with a fuller understanding of where he’s coming from, and I appreciate that. Give it a listen and see what you think:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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One Comment

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I remember when i first met chief bradford at the post office on bellfort and gessner,early 2000’s,i noted then as i do now,he was pretty straight forward on the issues.i was sooooo upset with him for a number of years after he left h.p.d,he teamed up with former mayor brown and established a consulting firm,i did a complete check on the firm-it was legit,i kept my eye on his political aspirations over the years,he liked to use starbucks coffee on smith and gray as his satalite campaign office,i finally stopped thinking that he must be up to something and accepted the truth,”this guy changed for the better,hes advanced,hes actually fueled by passion to serve the public”.this is fact.i dont know about any one else, but for me,my hat goes off to council member bradford for the service he has rendered,thus far…………..respectfully submitted, joshua bullard