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State Bar to investigate Jones’ complaint against Feldman

On we go.

The Texas State Bar will investigate allegations by Councilwoman Jolanda Jones that City Attorney David Feldman committed professional misconduct through his involvement in a city ethics investigation that targets Jones.

Jones filed a grievance with the bar against Feldman. She contends Feldman violated the profession’s ethical standards by giving her legal advice before she became the subject of a city investigation and then to Mayor Annise Parker (who heads a panel that reviewed the findings for possible referral to City Council) during and after it. Feldman’s participation in a review process that he largely designed, and his legal advice on a case in which he is a witness, also violate the state bar’s ethics code, Jones’s attorney has said.

“This is just the way the process works,” Feldman said when asked about the State Bar letter. It means little more than that the bar has received Jones’s complaint, he said, and that he expects the complaint will be found to be without merit.

A copy of the State Bar’s letter to Feldman is at the link above, and some background is here. I received an email from CM Jones’ spokesperson Kelly Cripe, which contained the following:

Statement from Lori Hood, attorney for Council Member Jolanda Jones:

“The State Bar of Texas has validated my client’s concerns with the decision to investigate the city attorney for misconduct. We believe that substantial violations of the state bar’s ethics code have occurred.”

Statement from Council Member Jolanda Jones:

“I take very seriously the roles and responsibilities of the city’s elected and appointed officials and I will continue my efforts to resolve matters in the best interest of Houstonians.”

We’ll see what happens from here. Hair Balls has more.

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