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Lampson looking at options

Former US Rep. Nick Lampson has said he’s thinking about running in the newly-drawn and now open CD14, but that’s not the only option he’s pondering.

Lampson said in an interview that he’s received a great deal of encouragement since he told reporters of his interest in the seat earlier this month, but he added: “I would look at two different things if I ran for Congress.”

Lampson said Paul’s 14th House district is one option but declined to say which other seat he’s considering. When questioned about running for retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R) seat, Lampson also demurred.

“A lot of things intrigue me, but I’m not going to say right now,” he said.

David Nir thinks Lampson might be contemplating CD36 instead of CD14. Anything is possible, and CD36 does contain some of Lampson’s old CD09, but CD14 has his home base of Jefferson County in it, and it’s the more Democratic-leaning of the two. Lampson has been mentioned as a statewide contender before – he flirted with running for the Senate in 2008, and was mentioned as a candidate for Comptroller in 2010, which he wisely avoided, so a statewide run in 2012 is not completely out of left field. I think CD14 is probably his best fit, but we’ll see what he decides.

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