Interview with CM James Rodriguez

CM James Rodriguez

CM James Rodriguez is running for his third term in District I. He was Chief of Staff for his predecessor, Rep. Carol Alvarado, so he has actually been serving the district a lot longer than that. Rodriguez has been in the thick of a number of things from the last few years, from Metro to redistricting to Dynamo Stadium, and his district includes the fast growing neighborhoods of EaDo. We talked about all of these things and more in our conversation:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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7 Responses to Interview with CM James Rodriguez

  1. Guy says:

    hmmm, love how he takes full credit on the forcing of historical preservation…kind of an arrogant, well you know.
    he’s a good politiican, but i guess you have to be after doing nothing BUT being a politician right after college. inspired much?

  2. Jen says:

    what a joke this guy!
    he hasn’t made any freinds lately :/

  3. Hobby says:

    There was no “forcing” of historical preservation. True, opponents got letters signed to drop the initial high support enough percentage points, but it was obvious the opposition letters were obtained through deliberate deception so the city council did not view it as a really credible measurment of community sentiment, and rightfully so. James has done a lot for District I and that is why he is raking in the endorsements and will win on November 8th.

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  5. District I Voter says:

    The real joke is his opponent. She is so unpopular in her own community she only has TWO financial donors (outside of her husband) listed from her district!!! ALL her other donors are from outside her district. She represents outside forces and interests trying to control district I. She is so disliked within her own community she can only get TWO of her neighbors to contribute to her campaign! The Chronicle was right to endorse councilmember Rodriguez!

  6. East End Dem says:

    Yes, they went with more experience, and more sanity.

  7. joshua bullard says:

    I just had a personal run in with council member james rodriquez at starbucks coffee in midtown-i took some pictures of him shaking hands with some people that do bussineess with the city via contracts-i tried to speak with him on the way out but he said with an angry expression”i saw all the stuff you wrote about me on” he seemed pissed-it reminded me of years back when carol alvarado wouldnt come from out of her city offices and would always send her chief of staff to deal with me-her cos was none other than james rodriquez-unfortuantlly for council member james rodriquez he doesnt relize that lil old josh-grew up and got himself connected politically,his actions could possibly cause other elected officials to be voted out of office-like carol alvarado for example- either way i got the message j-rod-loud and clear,you have drawn the lines in the sand-


    joshua ben bullard

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