Beware the Texas Highway Patrol Association

A public service announcement from Grits for Breakfast:

This morning Grits received a solicitation phone call from a telemarketer who said he was from the “Texas Highway Patrol,” calling because “we’ve lost two troopers recently” and they wanted to “raise money for their families.”

“So you’re from the Department of Public Safety?,” I asked. He evaded, repeating that he was calling from the highway patrol. “So you’re calling from the Department of Public Safety,” I repeated, “because the highway patrol is part of DPS?” At first he said “yes,” he was from DPS, then backtracked and equivocated. I pressed and he told me he was paid by a museum in San Antonio. “So you told me you’re from the highway patrol raising money for families of dead troopers but really you’re from a museum in San Antonio?” He said “No, that’s why I said at the beginning I’m calling from the Texas Highway Patrol Association.” He had in fact never said the word “association” before that moment. At that point I told him I wouldn’t be giving him any money and he should tell his supervisor to expect a complaint to the Attorney General. I’m certainly not giving a dime to somebody on the phone who I’ve caught in a bold-faced lie.

Click over and read the rest. The Attorney General is already well aware of this group, which spends about 90% of the funds it raises on fundraising. It’s a scam, so if they call you don’t give them anything.

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