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Interview with Brian Cweren

Brian Cweren

We wrap up our tour of District C with the candidate who ran for Council here before it was reconfigured. Brian Cweren was a candidate in C the last time it was open, back in 2005, finishing fifth but only a few points out of the money in a field of seven. Cweren is a graduate of UT Law School and runs his own law firm, and has been appointed to the City of Houston Ethics Committee and the City of Houston Police Department Citizen Review Committee, where he served as its Chair. Here’s our conversation:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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  1. JJ says:

    Yes, there was a field of seven actual people in 2005, but two of those people spent almost no money (like $200) and there was also an 8th option, the “undervote” — voters who left the race blank, presumably an expression of “none of the above”. The undervote also finished ahead of Cweren.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    canidate brian cweren does operate a law office,its in the same small building as the harris county republican party,and if one was to take a look at his website he states as matter of fact”i will never vote to raise taxes”.wow,what if heven forbid,we as a city faced a situation where we needed to increase taxes for the good of the city,for example,we cant afford to pay for the proper amount of fire and police-well, dont look to canidate cweren for the money-hes made it clear from the get go,he will not ever vote to raise taxes. i got to hand it to the guy”its sounds great in theory” it may even look good to some voters when they see in type on his website,but in reality its wrong,completly wrong,to say something like this is called “political grandstanding”its for effects and it could harm the economic future of our city.i think its clear to many that cweren has a hidden agenda,its amazing to me that all of the sudden he wants to pretend to be so compassionate towards our mayor,in the past he has been extremely critical towards this first term administration and i think thats unfair for mr cweren to have verbally attacked a mayor in there first administration.This canidate literally scares me,honestly,in addition not just from this offthekuff interview but i myself have met and spoke with canidate cweren in person and what conclusion i came up with was this-if i want to keep the city parks,keep the roads safe,keep the health clinics open,keep the transportation inspectors checking for over loaded day care buses for child safety,if i want to keep enough police and fire properly funded-then i need to keep far far away from canidate brian cweren,this is fact.respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard.

  3. Eric Weinmann says:

    Mr Bullard,

    I believe you wanted to rent a home owned by a relative of Brian Cweren. I understand you are upset with him because his relative chose not to rent the home to you. I do not believe your comments reflect an honest and intellectual discussion of the issues facing our community. Instead, it’s personal “grandstanding.”

    In fact, Brian is the only candidate discussing the issues important to voters in District C. He has a proven record working with police and fire to improve services for these vital departments. Brian was asked by LULAC to serve as it’s representative to the Houston Police Department and proposed a resolution, which was unanimously accepted to increase funding for HPD and HFD. In addition to this, it was then Councilwoman and now Mayor Parker who appointed Brian to the Police Oversight Committee. Surely, you arguments here do not reflect Brian’s speeches or beliefs.

    Finally, regarding the issue of taxes, Brian has no intention of backing a tax hike. With that said, he will always make sure we have the resources we need to fund this growing city’s first responder departments.

    Setting the record straight,

    Eric Weinmann