My one piece of advice to Barack Obama in re: Rick Perry

By now you’ve probably heard about Rick Perry’s long-anticipated announcement that yes indeedy, he is running for President. I plan to avoid this subject as much as possible, because there’s only so much blogging about Rick Perry one can do before one’s brains begin to resemble a fried egg on the sidewalk, but there is one thing I want to say to Team Obama as a longtime observer of our only Governor. His great strength is that he steers the conversation to where he wants it to be, which enables him to define the issues to his advantage. He’s stepping outside his comfort zone now, and as the new kid on the scene it may take him awhile to get to that point with the national media. This is your chance to turn the tables on him. Now is the time that the surrogates for the Obama campaign should be asking the question why someone who wanted to secede from the United States now wants to be its President. Yes, I know that isn’t exactly what he said, but so what? Let him explain the nuance of his statements about secession. If you want to be hypertechnical, his claim about Texas’ alleged right to secede is historically wrong, too. Again, let him explain the subtleties of it all. While he’s at it, you can point out that he likes to pal around with some people that really really hate America and let him explain that, too. Take this opportunity to tie secession around his neck now, because you may not get the chance later. That’s my advice, and it’s worth every penny you’re paying for it. Good luck.

UPDATE: Like this. Just from actual Obama people, not from us annoying bloggers.

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4 Responses to My one piece of advice to Barack Obama in re: Rick Perry

  1. Diana says:

    That’s only one of the talking points, but as we Texans know, there are many. He is not quite the small government, states rights, job creating, budget balancing, religious leader he claims to be.

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