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Trader Joe’s to San Antonio, too

We have a full scale invasion on our hands.

An official for Trader Joe’s confirmed [last] Wednesday that the company is looking to expand into San Antonio. Nothing definitive has been inked, and the official, who did not want to be named, didn’t comment further and didn’t volunteer a timeline or possible sites for the anticipated store.


Earlier this year, Trader Joe’s, which has about 350 stores in nearly 30 states, announced that it was looking to venture into Texas, naming Dallas and Houston as definite cities. The company still hasn’t closed on any sites in those cities, but it’s expected that the Dallas area will get the first store, the Trader Joe’s official said.

It wasn’t clear exactly how many stores Trader Joe’s is looking to open in Texas. On the company’s website, no locations in Texas are listed under stores that will be opening soon.

The rumored location in San Antonio is Quarry Village, which those of us of a certain age remember as being nothing more than an old abandoned rock quarry when we were in college. Not that this makes us old, mind you. We heard about Trader Joe’s coming to Houston in May, and a couple of weeks ago the rumors started flying that they were looking at the Alabama Theater as a possible site. Apparently, there’s no new information on that front yet.

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