Interview with Kathy Blueford Daniels

Kathy Blueford Daniels

Wrapping up my weeklong tour of District B is Kathy Blueford Daniels, who is a retired postal worker and lifelong resident of the district. She is also the founder of BLACMoM (Black, Latino, Asian, and Caucasian Mourners of Murder), which she organized after her son was killed. This is what we talked about:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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2 Responses to Interview with Kathy Blueford Daniels

  1. joshua bullard says:

    District B has always been “under the radar” for most,it is extremly sad and emotionally overwhelming to hear charles kuffner time and time again have to admit that he has never even been to this wonderful part of our city and its only ten minutes from downtown and the man has been here for over twenty years,this factually is a personal oversight on his part i only hope one day he will attempt to make up for threw his journalism to give back to distric B.I have stated before that i attended high school on lyons ave at hp carter in 91 -92.I was 16yrs old and captivated by the magic that this distrcit B offers to the city of houston-not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars that is collected from the voters of district B by the city of houston.What this district council member jarvis johnson did to this district is a tragedy and has caused long term damage to this district-i will stop shy of saying that the council member exploited this area of town.
    As for canidate kathy blueford daniels-I have always enjoyed speaking with her as she has always been forthcoming with her answers and may ad the needed care to this district that is so very badly needed if elected.respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard.

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