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Interview with Eric Dick

Eric Dick

Next up in At Large #2 is Eric Dick, who is an attorney that runs his own firm after having spent time in the Attorney General and District Attorney’s offices. You’ve probably seen his campaign signs around the city; they’ve been in the news recently. We discussed that and other issues in the interview:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    I’m going with canidate eric dick and this is why,every now and again we as houstonians are fortunate enough to get some one with a passion to serve the public,In my twenty years around local politicians,this will make the second time ive seen this level of passion to serve the public at city hall. If you Listen to the part in the interview where he tells kuffner that we as a city should not ask for more money from the tax payers when in fact we have been overspending our current budget.Hes correct,this city can longer continue to be “set the wheels a blazing” on spending the tax payers money and then turn around and dig further in the citizens pocket.we need a council memeber at this point that understands the need of a balanced budget but at the same time is compassionate towards people that are going threw tough times.In addition,i dont know about anybody else,but looking at the make up of Houston city council as a whole currently-i think our city could use an outside the box approach on many issues in the at large postion #2 and i think canidate eric dick provides just that and thats why i’m going with eric dick and i think the majority of voters will go with me. respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. Noel Freeman says:

    Yet he manages to increase the burden on taxpayers by littering the City with his illegally posted signs. He places the people I work with in danger when they have to go out and remove his signs. Does he think it doesn’t cost taxpayers anything to go out and clean up his trash? What happens when a City employee gets injured or killed taking one of his signs?

    I spoke to Mr. Dick about it, and quite simply, he didn’t care. He admitted it wasn’t “overzealous volunteers” – it was the campaign putting them up, and he basically said “deal with it.” I’ve never met a candidate who had such wanton disregard for the city they are running to represent or the people who work for that city as this guy demonstrates.

  3. Noel Freeman says:

    That should be “taking down one of his signs” in the first paragraph.

  4. Jules says:

    I’m voting for Eric. I like that he’s against 380’s for retail – he’s right – it does not create jobs.

  5. PDiddie says:

    Don’t we have enough dicks on city council already? No way I’m voting for this guy. Ever.

  6. JJ says:

    If you blatantly and intentionally don’t follow the existing laws, there is no way I am voting for you to go and make new ones.

  7. STFUnion says:

    1. All campaigns put up signs. If someone is going to judge him for having signs out, they should judge every campaigner who has ever put out signs. That would include almost all of his opponents. Are you going to vote for someone you know nothing about because you haven’t seen their signs out? That’s a smart decision, isn’t it? Tell me one campaigner who has never had a sign out that is/was against city ordinance. Then tell me how popular they are. Then tell me if they won. I doubt you can.
    2. Maybe the taxpayers would be happier if people waited until after the election to take down the signs so campaigns don’t put out more. The more you take down before the election, the more they will put up, wasting more money. Basic logic.
    3. Noel- Prove your quote. You can’t. Eric never said that, and fallacious quotes like that only show low moral character.
    4. Obviously people who judge him solely for his signs out or for his last name don’t know the facts and didn’t listen to the interview. Maybe you should point out flaws with his plans so you can show why you think he isn’t fit for the job. Mr. Dick is a great candidate. He may be irritating all the activists that love to pull down the signs of their least-favorite candidates so they can be paid with tax-payer money, but that does not describe who he is and how he can help the city. Fernando Herrera has tons of signs out illegally in less-traveled areas. Anise Parker had a plethora of signs out during her campaign. Even Orlando Sanchez had similar sign placement, and he was elected. My point is, look beyond the signs and realize who the candidate is. Get rid of superficial views and first impressions and know the facts before you start judging someone.

  8. Jessica says:

    Every single campaign puts out signs illegally.

  9. paul kubosh says:

    If you are basing your decision on sign law violations then you are going to be skipping a lot of people.

  10. Crystal Douglas says:

    Eric is very passionate about what he does. He is an excellent candidate choice. If campaign sign placement is his only downfall, then he is a saint compared to so many other politicians. Eric will definitely have my support!

  11. Noel Freeman says:

    I can assure you that yes, he indeed did admit his campaign placed the signs and he did demonstrate absolute indifference to the fact that his signs being placed in dangerous locations creates a hazard to the lives and safety of City employees charged with removing them. What do you want, a signed, notarized confession from him? Feel free to call me a liar or accuse me of low moral character all you want, but at least I don’t hide behind a screen name.

  12. Phillip Paul Bryant says:

    Noel, most people find it best to get quotes or statements from an official representative of a campaign or organization, or from the person themselves; otherwise I believe this would be called hearsay. Just a thought!

  13. robert kane says:

    Quote ” Noel, most people find it best to get quotes or statements from an official representative of a campaign or organization, or from the person themselves”

    Did I read it correctly when Noel said “I spoke to Mr. Dick about it, and quite simply, he didn’t care. He admitted it wasn’t “overzealous volunteers” – it was the campaign putting them up, and he basically said “deal with it.”

    Phillip…. That sounds to me like he did hear it directly from the person and not hearsay, unless I missed something?

  14. Eric Dick says:

    The statement from Noel is not true. I do think he is a nice guy and will not say anything negative about him.

  15. robert kane says:

    Eric…. I’ve met Noel and although I haven’t met you, I’ve heard you speak on TV and other places….I know how campaigns work….. I’ll put my trust in what Noel said, much more believable…. and if it’s over zealous volunteers, then shame on you for not having better oversight, if that is that what you’ll say if elected about things you SHOULD have control over…..I mean come on.

  16. the BLIGHT BUSTER Rick Hurt says:

    the quote that people refuse to state is the one on the bottom of the campaign signs… the law… No signs on the Right of Ways… state law. city ordinance… The city recently won a case about billboards and their removal, candidates should comply with sign laws and set an example. The Code Enforcement department (Sign Administration) enforces the sign laws and their placement… it also includes safety reasons… one of the requirements for employment includes knowing about WELDS, wind resistant…. E. Dick signs on utility poles are a hazard because the wind is knocking them down… into or near the feeder roads. Nail in the top stake, a four foot sign could land on your windshield… all unsafe… a Public Safety issue… time to take them down… I painted over more signs this past weekend, just like the city and volunteers paint over graffitti… this happens to be professional graffitti… Comply with the law… teach your volunteers about the sign laws,. be responsible…

  17. Eric Dick says:

    Centerpoint has made it very clear to me and KHOU to tell people to leave these signs alone. I will continue to instruct them as such. Signs are signs. They get torn down – many of them that were put out legally. Human life is far more important. I do not want anyone getting hurt.

  18. pdbb2011 says:

    what about all the illegal signs placed on street sign in in NW houston. stickers placed on stop signs, speed limit signs, etc….it seems Mr Dick gets around. and illegal postings continue.

  19. Mainstream says:

    on another note, at a recent community meeting in the Heights/West End, Mr. Dick offered to forego his council salary, if the mayor would do the same. He supported rail so long as it goes where people want to travel, and questioned subterranean rail lines due to the city’s history of flooding. He supported a 10 cent return fee on bottles, a deposit law.