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The 70 Percent Solution

Where have I heard this before?

November’s election really is about 2013, said lawyer, lobbyist and blogger Robert Miller. He speculates that the mayor needs to win big against low-profile opponents in November to discourage stronger candidates from running against her as she seeks a final term in 2013.

“If she looks weak, blood attracts sharks into the water,” Miller said.

Bill White and Bob Lanier never had a close call in their re-elections. But Lee Brown’s 67 percent of the vote in 1999 against weak candidates, by Miller’s thinking, attracted strong enough opposition two years later that Brown was forced into a runoff to keep his office.

Sounds familiar, but I just can’t quite place it.

You get the point. I still believe the true consensus among the “chattering class of political insiders” won’t be truly set in stone till the election results are in, but it never hurts to get out in front of these things.

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  1. paul kubosh says:

    He obviously reads your blogs.

  2. […] Kathy Whitmire in 1991. None of that panned out, but the current line of thinking among the chattering classes is that the wannabees will jump in for real if Mayor Parker doesn’t do well enough (for some […]