Interview with Amy Price

Amy Price

Also running in At Large #4 is Amy Price, who is running under the auspices of the Green Party. Price is a violin teacher and professional musician who has performed with such bands as Gordian Knot, The Buddhacrush, and Orange Is In. She’s also someone I’ve known and been friends with for over 20 years. Here’s our conversation:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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4 Responses to Interview with Amy Price

  1. Mainstream says:

    I am a fairly conservative Republican, so I attended the Heights area forum tonight to assess the candidates for this position and one other. I have heard hundreds of candidates over the years. This woman was the best informed, best prepared, most thoughtful candidate I have seen in many years.

    She had thoughtful answers about job growth, neighborhood concerns, and the City’s dismal crime lab. The organizers of the event allowed Bradford to send a substitute, which is generally unheard of at a candidate forum.

    I have never voted for a Green Party candidate for anything. There is no Republican running in this contest, and my thinking is that while I might not want a council dominated by Green Party activists, there should be a place at council table for a thoughtful, well-prepared young leader like this. I plan to recommend her to my neighbors. I am under no delusions about her chances against a well-funded incumbent, but it might do democracy good if he had a closer than normal contest.

  2. You made my night, Mainstream! Lemme know if you want a yard sign and let’s pump up those “chances against a well-funded incumbent”…

  3. Sarah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I remembered you and everything you said earlier after reading the above. Out of the many SN 22 neighbors who approached Amy after tonight’s candidate’s forum, your words weighed the most heavily with me. (You have to believe that as her campaign manager, I wrote down your sentiments and planned to post in a piece covering the event. You can check my clipboard!) It was a huge surprise after our post-forum House of Pies visit to see your post.

    November 8th is a non-partisan election. How rare is it to find conservatives and progressives who will cross “lines” to agree on solutions like we did tonight? The difference between what all of us see on TV or hear on radio all day, is that people like you, and Amy, and your neighbors actually care about the problems you discuss. There’s nothing in it for you except the livability of your home city, really refreshing.

    We don’t know what will happen next week, or the week after that, but tonight you gave every single volunteer on this (truly grassroots) campaign a feeling of victory. Amy’s supporters still feel confident that her sense of fairness and dedication to the facts are the people of Houston’s best hope for representation in At Large Position 4. Thanks for helping to keep that confidence alight.

    – Sarah Slamen

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