Interview with CM Jolanda Jones

CM Jolanda Jones

Our last look at a Council race is the most interesting race involving an incumbent, as once again CM Jolanda Jones faces some tough competition in At Large #5. If you follow Houston politics at all you are surely familiar with CM Jones, so I will skip the introduction. We talked about a lot of the things that have been going on with her, with Council, and with the Mayor in the interview:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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5 Responses to Interview with CM Jolanda Jones

  1. joshua bullard says:

    The real story about cm jolanda jones dates back to 2002 when i went down to the criminal courts and had her summoned to the hallway during a break from a criminal courts case in which she was the apointed lawyer of the week for this specific court room,back then in those days she was heavy on the apointments.I spoke with her in person and at length about her run for city goverment/i was concerned because i had learned of her planned run just in casual conversation around the courthouse,you have to keep in mind this was a jolanda jones that the gen public had never heard of at this time.I explained to jolanda jones that i didnt see where she could win the election because of several campaign flaws that where being committed and advised her to withdraw from the race and re enter the race next election cycle-she refused-her campaign headqauters at that time was off the south loop in the office buildings by kirby-i went there and met with her sister and talked with her sister at length why this race would not be won and that it would be more favorble for jolanda to wait it out.She refused and ran her race-jolanda jones lost and lost by a great distance.
    It would be some years before she would try again-this time she asked former mayor bill white to put her on the lara board(land theft by ordinace board if you ask me)when i spoke to the board including jolanda jones i asked(begged) her and reginald to please provide refreshements to the senoirs of fifth ward and third ward threw some of the funding ethically available to be used from the lara funds for a community meeting being hosted by lara and the city of houston-I thought it was a great idea to use a couple of hundred dollars out of a five million dollar lara budget to help provide the elderly with refreshments at the meeting-jolanda jones refused to even authorize ten dollars to be spend on the community-she even went so far as to advocate to the entire lara board not to designate anY monies to the senoirs-to saY the least,my heart was broken,I felt betrayed,now this is on record so shell never deny it.the real sad part about the story is she never had a problem authorizing spending of the lara funds for the lavish lunches and dinners that the board had with their attorneys-if i am not mistaken theses lunches and dinners are actually supposed to be paid for by the out side legal counsel which was contracted with lara but they were not, they were paid by the authorized funds that jolanda jones oked along with the entire board.
    In 2010 i met with jolanda jones office about modifying the code of city ordinaces to make it a class c ticketable offense to smoke cigarrettes in cars with minor children,i begged her to present this case to mayor parkers office-she refused,even when presented with the facts-she will not prevent people from smoking in cars with kids,again i was emotionally overtaken and saddened.This election- i will not support nor will i vote for jolanda jones and heres why.when i needed her most-she was never there for me-i knew this ladie before she ever got to council and she turned her back on me.

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

  2. Jules says:

    I am voting for Jolanda!

  3. Latricia Magee says:

    She has my vote… I met her when she was running. She attended an HISD Town hall meeting where she spoke passionately about the needs of Worthing High School. I spoke for a few minutes and afterwards she walked up to me and said, you speak very well vote for me in the next election… I have been following her ever since.. She has my vote..

  4. Joshua bullard says:

    I had such a horrible time with cm jones yesterday at the poles,she really decided to show her ass,ive known her since 2001 2002,she has changed so much that its sad that the few political supporters could not possibly see this massive change.
    when i authored 2005-245 code of city ordinance-city of houston,i did this to help save and extend the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,it has,today millions of people can wait for a park and ride bus at any park and ride location with out having to worry about injesting second hand smoke,not limited to just the park and ride location but also metro rail lauch pads and any covered bus stop in the city.some times people get so used to the smoke they begin to think thats just the way it is,yet only after the smoke clears do people really understand how bad it truly was,its nothing personal,its political,i like jo,shes nice and funny at times,but its time that we the voters clear the smoke and the board and bring new vision and fresh perspective to at large 5 seat that so badly deserves it.she has two others in her race,laurie robinson and jack christie-i voted for jack christie but laurie robinson is solid as a rock as well.

    take notes,iam showing you how its done….
    joshua ben bullard

  5. Jules says:

    Thanks to Jolanda for voting NO on the Kroger 380. But, Jolanda, the Walmart isn’t going to be as nice as you think it is – it’s gonna be a big crappy Walmart. It’s not gonna look like the artist’s rendition.

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