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Everybody loves Ed

Everybody who hopes to be appointed to Commissioners Court, anyway.

In the hours after [Commissioner Jerry] Eversole’s announcement [that he would resign as of October 1], hopeful appointees pressed the flesh with local Republican leaders and scrambled to see whether rivals were eligible to serve. Emmett’s phone rang endlessly.

In many cases, Emmett spokesman Joe Stinebaker said, there was little talk of the weather, the Astros’ miserable year or the impending birth of the judge’s eighth grandchild, born Tuesday morning.

“I’m interested,” the callers said. “Please appoint me.”


Emmett has two employees compiling biographies, résumés and letters of support for potential appointees. There were about 60 names in the pile as of Tuesday afternoon, Stinebaker said.

“I’ve been surprised at some of the names that have come forward,” Emmett said Monday. “But you do find out who lives in Precinct 4 real quick.”

Emmett plans to compile a short list by Monday, Stinebaker said. Emmett has said he will conduct interviews and make a selection by Oct. 1, after consulting with other members of Commissioners Court and the local Republican Party. Eversole is a Republican and the precinct is a conservative stronghold.

GOP insiders have compiled their own list of candidates, including State Rep. Dwayne Bohac, Judge R. Jack Cagle, Court Koenning, former Houston City Councilwoman Toni Lawrence, former University of Houston regent Lynden Rose, businessman Ben Streusand and Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan.

That sound you’ve been hearing is a whole lot of puckering up. I don’t envy Emmett the decision – there’s an awful lot of people who will be left unhappy by the choice he makes. There’s not anyone on that list above that has any real appeal to me, so my hope is that he ultimately picks someone Steve Radack doesn’t like. I can’t think of a better qualification than that. For a less snarky viewpoint, see Nancy Sims.

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