Commissioner Cagle

As predicted, the new County Commissioner is County Court Judge Jack Cagle.

“Cactus” Jack Cagle was named Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner this morning by County Judge Ed Emmett, ending two weeks of political intrigue that followed former Commissioner Jerry Eversole’s announcement that he would resign.

Eversole, who had represented the area since 1991, stepped down as part of a plea deal in a federal corruption case. He pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents on Friday.

Cagle has been a County Civil Court-at-Law judge since 2000.

I wasn’t expecting to like the choice, and I wasn’t disappointed. I have the same memory of Cagle that Larissa Lindsay does, and while that probably has no bearing on how he’ll be as a Commissioner, it’s still not something I’m going to forget. I’m not going to fixate on this – I’m fully aware that there were names on Judge Emmett’s list that I would have liked less – but for better or for worse, this is the first thing I’m going to think of when I hear the name Jack Cagle.

Anyway. I expect there will be a full-on primary for this seat in March – County Commissioner jobs don’t grow on trees, after all – and this also means that there will be one more Republican-held judgeship on the ballot next fall. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about candidates for each of these soon. Greg has more.

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