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Saturday video break: How Soon Is Now

Song #95 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “How Soon Is Now”. It was also apparently the theme song to the TV show “Charmed”, or at least the cover version by Love Spit Love is.

And here’s the original version, by The Smiths:

That’s an extended version of the song, but I couldn’t find a normal-length version that allowed embedding, so there you go. The cover isn’t substantively different than the original. What do you think of them?

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  1. RL says:

    Nice choice for the video break. The original Smith’s song was always one of my favorites. Not typical musically of other Smith’s tunes, but the lyrics are classic Morrissey: chronic shyness and loneliness. I would recommend this link as the actual video that used to play in the clubs:
    I know the band didn’t like the video but I always enjoyed it. The shots of Marr showing Morrissey how to hold the guitar and the cute dancing blonde being most memorable to me. The industrial stock footage always seemed to really accentuate the music with the base guitar riff sounding very machine repetitive and rhythmic.

    As far as covers, I am not a fan of the Love Spit Love version. I think the Popdose review nails it in that a cover shouldn’t be done if it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Although a fan of Butler and the Furs, i do not think their cover meets that test. Replacing the sliding guitar with violins and Butler’s timing in his vocals being my top complaints.

    As an alternative, I would suggest the cover by t.A.T.u. found here:
    Although Marr didn’t like it, I understand Morrissey did. He didn’t know who the girls were. On being told they were Russian teenage lesbians his comment was, “Well, aren’t we all?” Classic.

    I would add one other Texas connection to the song. In 1993 or 94, 94.5 KDGE, the alternative radio station in Dallas, was running an ad campaign on DART buses. The ad featured some of the lyrics from the song on the back of the buses. I think I took a picture of one but have no idea where it is today.

  2. RL says:

    My attempt at embedding didn’t work. Link for original Smith’s video is at Link for t.A.T.u. cover is at