Friday random ten: With this ring

This past Monday was my 13th wedding anniversary. I’ve now been married long enough that I have a hard time remembering what it was like to not be married. Of course, I’m also very old, so that may just be the usual degeneration of my faculties. In any event, here are ten songs about weddings and marriage:

1. I Knew The Bride – Nick Lowe
2. I Wanna Marry You – Bruce Springsteen
3. If No One Ever Marries Me – Natalie Merchant
4. Let’s Get Married – Al Green
5. Let’s Pretend We’re Married – Royal Company Scam
6. The Green Wedding – Gordian Knot
7. Gypsy Wedding – Moby Grape
8. Mari’s Wedding – The Mollys
9. White Wedding – Billy Idol
10. Chapel of Love – The Beach Boys

And of course, if you know me at all, once we start talking about weddings, you know what must come next:

Do you realize that next year is the 25th anniversary of that movie? I so hope they re-release it in the theaters so I can take Olivia to see it. In the meantime, tweasure your wuv, and it will fowwow you foweva.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    What? No “This Diamond Ring,” the Al Kooper (!)-penned song made famous by Gary Lewis and the Playboys?

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