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Endorsement watch: White for Christie

This came as a surprise to me.

Former Mayor Bill White has endorsed Jack Christie for the At-Large 5 City Council seat. It is the only endorsement the ex-mayor has made in this year’s city elections.

White sent out a letter explaining his endorsement, which you can read here. I have been told by the Christie campaign that 18,000 copies were sent to voters; my guess is that if you’re a regular voter in odd-numbered years, there’s a good chance you’ll receive one. Not too surprisingly, there was some griping about this on Carl Whitmarsh’s Democratic email list, as White could have endorsed Democrat Laurie Robinson as his preferred opponent to CM Jolanda Jones. As with any endorsement, it’s hard to say how much it matters. CM Jones held onto endorsements from all of the traditional Democratic groups, so she still has a good base. Given that this is likely to be a very low turnout year – I hear people predicting under 100,000 votes total – it’s mostly a matter of who bothers to show up. If it goes to a runoff for CM Jones, where turnout could be microscopic, it’s basically a crapshoot. I would not want to take my chances in overtime if I were her.

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  1. JJMB says:

    Seems to me that far more active Dems embrace their total incompetents (Jones) while far more active Reps disown theirs (Roy Morales). Kudos for Bill White standing up for what everybody, and I mean everybody, with anything but total partisan brain damage, knows is right. Rev. Lawson did the right thing, too. He and White are class acts.

    (While I have known Christie for a while, and regret that he only lost by 700 or so in 2009, I will add that Robinson seems to be a very fine alternative as well. I’ll hope White endorses her if she is the one in the runoff with Jones rather than Christie.)

  2. Joshua bullard says:

    It doesnt come as a surprise to me and when the endorses jack christie as i have been screaming my head off about for days-this will not be a surprise either.

    former mayor bill white decides to get in on my action,good call mayor white,

    “Its time/this time/”jack christie, for at large 5

    joshua ben bullard

  3. Brad M. says:

    Bill White always impresses me. His endorsement is big. I am throwing my support to Christie.

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