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Rice Stadium renovations coming

This is something Rice fans have been hearing about for a long time.

Calling it “a critical investment in the future of Rice football,” university officials on Thursday unveiled a plan to build a two-story football facility at the south end of Rice Stadium.

The proposed 80,000-square-foot complex will house training and locker rooms, a sports medicine center, offices for coaching staff and support personnel, and the Rice Athletic Hall of Fame, according to details released by the university.

“The new facility, plus other renovations to the south end zone, will make much-needed enhancements to this historic stadium and enhance the experience of our student-athletes and our Owls fans,” Rice president David Leebron said. “We are hopeful that people who love and support Rice’s wonderful football legacy – a legacy of high standards on the field of play and in the classroom – will help make these critical investments in the future of Rice football.”

No price tag was given for the project, but two people with knowledge of the situation told the Chronicle earlier this week that construction of a football facility and other deferred maintenance to the 61-year-old stadium will cost close to $40 million.

It’s still somewhat vague right now. Initial reaction on the Rice fan forum was more cynical than anything else, but became somewhat more positive over time. That likely reflects the lack of details as much as anything. Like I said, we’ve been hearing about “plans” to renovate Rice Stadium for a long time. I’m looking forward to the formal announcement. Here’s the Rice press release, and Hair Balls has more.

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  1. Tory says:

    Once saw a plan calling for the removal of the the second tier of seats on the east side of the stadium to open up a view of the campus. Seemed like a bad idea to me. Yes, we don’t fill the seats that often, but one of the great things about going to a Rice game is all of the space – you’re not packed in with tons of other people if you don’t want to be. And why not keep the high-seating option, since we’ve already built and paid for it and all? What if Rice football gets big one day and we start packing the stadium again? Then we’ll be glad we have ’em. Don’t laugh – if TCU can do it, I don’t see why we can’t.