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Endorsement watch: Bell for Jones

Former Council Member and Mayoral candidate Chris Bell has endorsed Jolanda Jones for re-election, writing his own letter of support for her, which you can see here. Normally, I’m not that interested in this sort of personal endorsement, but since I noted the unexpected endorsement of Jones’ opponent Jack Christie by former Mayor Bill White, I figured equal time was called for. Unlike White’s letter of support, it’s not clear if this is going to be sent to any voters’ homes – I asked Jones’ spokesperson Kelly Cripe about that, and she said she wasn’t sure if it was slated for a mailer or not. If I hear anything further, I’ll let you know.

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One Comment

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    I just met with chris bell in person at which which sandwich shop on west gray and smith-we had along conversation in which he told me factually “iam done with politics,i have an appeal with governor perry that is still pending”other than that hes been out of the loop for years,iam not even going to waste my time writing about this has been-

    chris bell-go home
    joshua ben bullard