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Weekend link dump for October 30


Happy penultimate day before Dia de los Muertos, Charlie Brown!

When frozen armadillos are outlawed, only outlaws will have frozen armadillos.

The secret of success for symphony orchestras is to figure out who their audience really is.

Good for you, John Bon Jovi.

CSI: Pleistocene Epoch.

Cheese or font? It’s harder than you think to tell.

One political joke deserves another.

You deserve a break today.

Is yo-yo energy in our future?

Speaking of our future, I heartily endorse this use of robots to make our lives better.

If the Snidely Whiplash cape and mustache fit…

We needed a good zombie invasion here in Houston.

Hey, if being gay really is a choice…

“No pie eating people can ever be permanently vanquished.”

Yeah, I hate it when this happens to me, too. Oh, wait. Never mind, it’s never happened to me.

The life and alternative timeline of Alex P. Keaton.

Maybe we should just call him “Rich” Perry.

Sometimes stealing is a good thing.

“Don’t confuse Paul Ryan with the facts. If studies run up against Ryan’s ideology, then the studies must give way.”

I would envision a different future for the anti-abortion movement, but there are worse possibilities than that one.

“I have been silent for 13.7 billion years, but no more.”

I for one welcome our giant Lego humanoid overlords.

The Juggalo menace.

Meet Monique Howard, offensive lineman and inspirational comeback story.

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