“Banned from the ballot box”

Want to know why Harris County has barely more registered voters this year than it did four years ago despite having hundreds of thousands more people now? Watch this KHOU Defenders story, then read Part Two, and find out. It’s no wonder more people aren’t registered when you have a voter registrar like Paul Bettencourt who isn’t just indifferent to getting more people on the rolls, but is actively hostile to such efforts. It’s what happens when you have a registrar who testifies before the Legislature about “iron-clad cases of voter fraud”, many of which turn out to be errors on the part of his own office, and when he gets called on it he says he’s just doing his job. Well, voters willing, it won’t be his job for much longer.

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One Response to “Banned from the ballot box”

  1. XicanoPwr says:

    Voter willing, it won’t be his job for long. I think we have push this story as much as we can. As I pointed out on my blog, in the latest poll by Rasmussen, 50% of Texans surveyed believe voter fraud will occur, but it comes to voter suppression, only 31% of Texans surveyed believe voters will be disenfranchised on election day.

    As long as people continue to believe what is happening are
    “simple mistakes” or “human error,” we will always have an up hill battle proving 1) Texas really purple and 2) election fraud, not voter fraud, is taking place.

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