Endorsement watch: Robinson for HCC

The last two contested races awaiting Chron endorsements are the two HCC Trustee elections. They deal with the open seat race in District IV by recommending Carroll Robinson.

The contest to replace outgoing Houston Community College District IV trustee Michael Williams pits two well known former Houston City Council members against each other.

The similarities don’t end there. Both Jew Don Boney and Carroll Robinson work at Texas Southern University. Boney is associate director of the school’s Mickey Leland Center, while attorney Carroll Robinson is an associate professor at the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

After hearing both candidates present their goals and ideas for making HCC more effective, the Chronicle believes Robinson is the better choice to serve as trustee.

No question there’s two strong candidates running in this race. My interview with Carroll Robinson is here, and with Jew Don Boney is here. If you live in this district, who is your preferred choice?

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One Response to Endorsement watch: Robinson for HCC

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    I live and vote out of this district-district 4-i will be voting for jew don boney jr,heres why.when jew don boney jr was a city of houston council member there were attempts by the houston parks dept to plank the city parks with iron concrete borders-degrading the environment and destroying the green space-council member jew don boney jr stepped in and stopped the action before it began”with the help of mayor lee brown”,i am big on keeping the green space and so is jew don boney jr,besides carroll robinson is second on the ballot and jew dons name i/d is super strong,the voter willnever breach past the first choice,iam going with jew don boney jr and i think the majority of people in district 4 will go with me.

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard

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