Two finance report updates

Since I’ve made a big deal out of who hasn’t filed their 30 Day campaign finance reports, I am compelled to note that as of October 27, Scott Boates in At Large #1 has now filed his. Eight day reports are due tomorrow, and the last 30 Day reports before this one were filed on the 11th, but nonetheless it has been filed.

And since I was one of several people to note Bo Fraga’s apparently illegal $35,000 loan from Lupe Fraga of Tejas Office Products, I am also compelled to note that on the same date, he filed an amended report which reports that the loan has been paid back in full. He now reports a cash on hand balance of $17,733 as of that report, which no longer puts him among the leaders in that race.

Anyway. The 8 Day reports are due tomorrow, and I expect the early filings will start to show up later in the day. I’ve been called for jury duty, so don’t expect me to get to them right away, but I will upload them as I can.

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4 Responses to Two finance report updates

  1. Joshua bullard says:

    what i find sad about “bo” fraga is he is registered as a republican on there web site but claims he is a loyal democrat and this is supposed to be respected as a non partisan race,then to top it all off he is playing with the numbers in order to spike the votes,

    i cant in good faith support bo fraga

    ben bullard joshua

  2. paul kubosh says:

    Jury duty in the county or the city? If your jury duty is in the city then I want to meet you..

  3. It’s in the county, but in an odd twist of fate I have also been called for municipal jury duty the following Wednesday, November 9. So look for me then, assuming I don’t get seated on a panel tomorrow.

  4. Mainstream says:

    Your link for Helena Brown’s campaign finance report appears to connect to Jennifer Pool’s data.

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