The 8 day non-filers

Eight day campaign finance reports were posted on the city website on Monday and Tuesday. As of today, the following candidates do not have an 8 Day report available:

Amanda Ullman, Mayor

James Partsch-Galvan (*), At Large #1

Elizabeth Perez, At Large #2

Rozzy Shorter, At Large #2

Gordon Goss, At Large #2

Brad Batteau, At Large #3

Louis Molnar, At Large #4

Laurie Robinson, At Large #5

Bob Ryan, At Large #5

Phillip Bryant (*), District B

Bryan Smart (*), District B

Charles Ingram, District B

James Joseph (*), District B

Kenneth Perkins (*), District B

Larry McKinzie (*), District D

Nguyen Thai Hoc (*), District F

Peter Lyn René, District F

Patricia Rodriguez, District H

Alex Gonik (*), District K

The asterisks indicate candidates who did not file a 30 Day report, either. There are a number of usual suspects here, but also more than a few candidates who should know better. I’m especially raising my eyebrows at Laurie Robinson. CM Jolanda Jones and Jack Christie have spent nearly $125K between them in October on various forms of outreach. It would be nice to know what Laurie Robinson is doing, and how much she’s spending on doing it. If I see any late reports between now and Tuesday, I will post an update.

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3 Responses to The 8 day non-filers

  1. paul kubosh says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Robinson got money from the christie campaign?

  2. Eric Weinmann says:

    Robinson is like the old Wendy’s ads… Where’s the base?

  3. Joshua bullard says:

    hold position-nov 8th 2011 will silence the critics-a fact.joshua ben bullard

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