Surface gets probation

Mike Surface, one of the developers implicated in the Jerry Eversole case and who pleaded guilty alongside Eversole to one count of filing a false income tax return, was given two years probation for his crime.

Prosecutors asked for a year of prison time, said Surface’s lawyer, Chip Lewis said. Department of Justice officials did not return a request for comment.

As part of his plea agreement, Surface will not be able to do business with the federal government, Harris County or the City of Houston for five years.

Seems awfully lenient to me, but whatever. All I can say is that if any government or elected official agrees to do business with him after those five years are up, it ought to trigger another investigation. Surface’s partner Andrew Schatte has yet to take a plea or go to trial. After what Eversole and Surface got, I don’t know why he wouldn’t seek a deal.

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