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Lawsuit against HCC Board of Trustees dismissed

A good outcome for eight of the nine members of the HCC Board of Trustees.

Houston Community College trustee Yolanda Navarro Flores must pay the school $35,700 to cover attorneys’ fees after a judge Friday dismissed the defamation lawsuit she filed against her colleagues.


Flores, reached Friday afternoon, said she did not know about state District Judge Al Bennett’s order siding with HCC and directing her to pay the college’s attorneys’ fees.

“Wow. I think it’s something I have to look into,” said Flores, an attorney who represented herself.

See here for some background. The suit was dismissed under a new law called the Texas Citizen Participation Act, which the story says is meant to “curb lawsuits that try to stifle speech on public issues,” by “[speeding] up the process for judges to toss out frivolous claims”. I’m always leery of legislation in this state meant to curb lawsuits, but I can’t argue with the result here. In case you’re curious, Flores will be on the ballot in 2013, if she runs again.

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