Eversole and Surface whine for leniency

Stop, you’re breaking my heart.

Even after former Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole and real estate developer Michael Surface agreed to plea deals, their lawyers said prosecutors were trying to “criminalize” a 30-year friendship.

In letters filed Wednesday to the judge who will decide whether they will spend six months behind bars or on probation, the two spoke openly about the depth of their friendship and the deals that landed them in trouble.

“I’ve bought meals, paid for gas, bought him chaps and cowboy hats over the years among other things,” Eversole, 68, said. “We never kept a ledger.”

Both wrote of a friendship that began when Surface owned a mowing service and Eversole was president of the Humble Chamber of Commerce.

When Eversole first ran for commissioner 21 years ago, Surface was his unpaid campaign manager.

“He and I would meet at the Best Doughnuts in Humble at 5 a.m. to get coffee together and then would go to Metro Park and Rides to hand out information about me and my campaign for office,” Eversole said. “Mike and I remained close friends even as our lives and the world around us changed.”

It goes on and on from there. I personally think they should have skipped the letters and just done a video montage of how beautiful their friendship is, with a peppy single from the 60s as the soundtrack. Something like this, for example:

Okay, maybe without the romantic overtones, but you get the idea. It wouldn’t have been any less ridiculous, is all I’m saying.

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2 Responses to Eversole and Surface whine for leniency

  1. prickett says:

    So both guys were just poor old white boys until Jerry became county commish and now they are both rich ? how did that happen? from a mowing service to a wealthy county contractor ?

    As for the firendship: you can be friends but when one is an elected official, the other cannot get sweetheart deals.

    (see conflict of interest and kickbacks schemes are illega)l.

    And to make sure your’friendship’ does not carry over into that area, you don’t do business with each other using no bid contracts, etc. then you don’t have to worry about your big man love being ‘criminalized’.

    As for the chaps ! Who wore them ? Does jerry play like he is ClintEastwood and boss Mike around like a bitch ? or they play like they are on a trail drive? ok I’ll stop.

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