New Constable Berry sworn in

Interim Precinct 1 Constable Ken Berry wasn’t supposed to be sworn in until January 31, but recent events forced Commissioners Court to move up the timetable.

Harris County Commissioners Court on Friday held an emergency meeting to replace Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia, who resigned after his arrest by federal agents on corruption charges Thursday.


Berry said the biggest challenge he will face may be reorganizing the precinct to improve communication.

“The morale was not necessarily great when I got there, but the morale is good now and it’s going to get better,” Berry said after being sworn in. “I don’t anticipate any problems in managing the office as a result of the investigation.”

When picked for the post, Berry said he had no interest in running for the office this year. On Friday he repeated that he knows little of politics, but said he is “in limbo” about whether to pursue election.

“I might run for office, but I’m not committing to anything,” he said. “I’m enjoying the job.”

Berry had previously said that he had “no interest” in running for a full term, but that he “[hadn’t] really had time to give it any thought”, so who knows. Things can change fast, I suppose. Now he’ll have been able to spend some time on the job before he has to make a decision for the February 1 second filing deadline. At this point, we should not be surprised if he changes his mind.

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