Weekend link dump for December 7

A little later than usual, but that’s the kind of weekend it was…

The Ten Best George Bush Photos Ever. And just think, in 47 more days, we can all begin to forget that he ever existed. Link via PDiddie.

I’m livin’ on the air in Cincinnati/Cincinnati, WKRP.

Hamster on a piano. Warning: major earworm. Blame Dwight if you must.

You know, I don’t ask for much when I visit a restaurant. But I do ask for something better than this. Via She Eats and about a million people on Twitter.

If Olivia sees this, it will instantly go to the top of her wish list for Christmas.

May there be plenty more of this kind of housecleaning in January.

$10.5 million is spent annually on government and public affairs by TxDOT. You might think that some of the local bloggers who fulminate obsessively over the one fulltime PR staffer at Metro who also happens to run a blog might take notice of this rather novel use of public funds, but you would be wrong.

RIP, Tweeter. I saw a few days ago that the store on Kirby was having a going-out-of-business sale, but I hadn’t realized at the time it was franchise-wide.

Karaoke violence. Has anyone informed the folks at Intercontinental Airport about this? Via Alison Cook.

Sorry, but this isn’t a “bump”. It’s a dead-cat bounce.

Another look at Latino voting nationally and locally, from my blogging colleague at Para Justicia y Liberdad.

Make a call for Chris Bell!

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