Weekend link dump for February 5

Isn’t there some kind of football game on today?

Speaking of football, when anti-immigrant hysteria forces your team to lose a prized recruit, maybe the human cost of said hysteria will begin to be made clear to those fanning its flames.

I’m sure a few margaritas improves the “Wheel of Fortune” experience considerably.

Our tenth President, John Tyler, of “Tippecanoe And Tyler Too” fame, still has two living grandchildren. This is despite the fact that John Tyler was born in 1790. How cool is that?

Now that national signing day has passed for college football players, here’s a guide to what all those words and phrases that are used during the recruiting process mean.

New flash: “Vote fraud” is still mostly a myth. Dead people really don’t actually vote.

But maybe we do need to give voting rights to zombies.

Hey, Newt, be careful what you ask for. Unless you already have wife #4 picked out, of course.

“My name is Friday. I’m a cop – with an iPhone.”

Reports of the death of bipartisanship are not exaggerated if you’re paying attention.

“A country that has a lot of excess capacity and has the ability to borrow at low interest rates and whose private sector is deleveraging quickly ought to avoid efforts to reduce public sector debt.”

These books have been banned in Tucson, Arizona.

Only a fool would pick a fight with the Muppets. And there’s no fool like a professional wingnut.

What Kevin says.

It’s easy to joke about doctors having bad handwriting, but there are real world consequences to that.

If “being investigated by Congress” is the standard, then there are some other organizations that Komen should be dumping as well.

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2 Responses to Weekend link dump for February 5

  1. Ross says:

    While the book thing is pretty stupid policy, the books weren’t banned, and no one is being stopped from reading them. Tucson authorities, presumably properly elected and representative of the electorate, merely chose not to spend public money to provide them to readers. That’s not censorship at all. It’s no worse than Tucson refusing to buy 8 copies of each graphic sex novel written by Anonymous.

    Personally, I’ve always thought that “name of ethnic group here” Studies curricula provide little useful knowledge to society, and are used mostly to drive a wedge between ethnic groups. Students majoring in those areas would be better served getting a numerate degree that provides added economic value.

  2. mary t. says:

    Voter fraud on a large scale is mostly a myth, but here’s a recent case for everyone to take a look at and file away for those times when they need to produce an actual case of voter fraud (and, yes, he’s a Republican):


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