Grand jury no-bills DA’s office

Thus endeth one of the most fascinating local stories in recent memory.

A Harris County grand jury ended its session Tuesday, ending a months-long investigation into the district attorney’s office and the Houston Police Department’s DWI testing vehicles with a blistering report, but no indictments.

“There was no evidence of a crime,” said grand jury foreman Trisha Pollard.

Pollard signed off on a one-page report blasting the DA’s office for “unexpected resistance” and accusing the office of launching an investigation into the grand jurors, the special prosecutors and judges.

The grand jury also harshly criticized Rachel Palmer, a prosecutor who invoked her fifth amendment right to refuse to testify.

“The stain upon the HCDAO will remain regardless of any media statements issued or press conferences issued by anyone,” according to the statement.

That may be all they wrote, but something tells me we have not heard the last of this. Like Grits, I look forward to reading the jury’s report. Hair Balls has more.

UPDATE: Here’s the statement from DA Lykos about the grand jury’s decision. I am greatly intrigued by this bit at the end:

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has long been eager to share what we know with the public. Now that the grand jury’s proceedings have ended, we will be responding—vigorously.

In the days to come, our website——will feature a new section devoted to setting the record straight.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is confident that anyone willing to review the full set of facts, in an unbiased and fair-minded manner, will conclude we have acted responsibly and with integrity in every respect.

I’m sure I’ll be taking a close look at that. In the meantime, the grand jury’s statement is here.

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