Tolerance Bridge

I love the design concept of this thing.

Mayor Bill White on Wednesday unveiled plans for the “Tolerance Bridge,” a $7 million project built with public and private funds that will connect pedestrian and bike trails along Allen Parkway with those on Memorial Drive near Montrose Boulevard.

The bridge design features a visual sleight of hand: a twisted archway at its center that from afar, project officials told City Council members, will make it appear impossible to cross. However, when pedestrians or bikers are closer, they will see the bridge is easily passable. From one vantage point, the “twisted arc” will frame the Houston skyline.

“What we found with Discovery Green is that when we invest in these high-quality public places, that it improves the property values and the living environment and quality of life all around there,” White said. “So, I think great art is part of a real city.”

The $4.4 million in public funds that will be directed toward the bridge and trails will come from the Memorial Heights Tax Reinvestment Zone, a board that supervises growth and infrastructure improvements with a portion of city tax collections in that area.

An additional $2.5 million will come from private fundraising and will pay for the archway, which was selected through an international artistic competition that received 54 proposals.

I was just thinking the other day that we have a distinct lack of Moebius strips in the public square. I’m glad to see we’re taking steps to rectify that. If we go from here to a Klein bottle, I’ll be really impressed.

According to the map in the story, when constructed this bridge would be just east of the Studemont/Montrose vehicular overpass, right about here. That puts it next to the Legacy at Memorial high rise. It’ll certainly be a striking addition to the skyline. What do you think about it? Stace and Texas Liberal has more.

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