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Not really buying it, Komen

Right there with them

So Komen has supposedly reversed itself on Planned Parenthood. I’ve read their statement, as well as TBogg’s improved version of it, and I don’t see a “reversal” so much as I see a bunch of weasel words that may very well lead to the same functional result. There’s a bunch of analysis out there, I’ll just refer you to Adam Serwer and Greg Sargent for a good summary of why I remain skeptical. Planned Parenthood, for its part, put out a statement thanking Komen for its reconsideration, as did allies of Planned Parenthood like Reps. Jessica Farrar and Carol Alvarado. I understand their desire to get back on the same page again and refocus the conversation to women’s health again, but I’ve got to admit, I would have preferred them to respond more like this:

There’s probably a reason I was never attracted to diplomacy as a career. Anyway, the outpouring of support to Planned Parenthood has been heartening, and you can keep that going because the need never goes away.

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  1. I’m with you; it’s clear that this is little more than PR boilerplate/fluff:

  2. Lulu says:

    They have reversed nothing except the parsing of their statements. This organization has been a nesting place for right wing rich women since its inception. It was a marketing tool to raise money to glorify themselves. Now they have opened the floodgates into examining every move they make and their outrageous finances. Regional heads make 275 thousand a year! No one is sure how much the ninnies in Dallas make. When a so called charity staffed by wealthy women pay themselves at this level there is a problem.