FBI looking into DA’s office over grand jury “investigation”

Oh, boy.

DA Pat Lykos

Eyewitness News learned from people interviewed that the FBI and Texas Rangers are asking questions inside the DA’s office. The questions aren’t about BAT vans, but about the DA and her team and how they reacted once the grand jury decided to investigate her.

Remember, at first Lykos said she didn’t authorize any investigation of grand jurors.

“I know nothing of that, I certainly didn’t authorize the investigation — and, you know, give me a name,” said Lykos.

But once we got that name, Lykos admitted she ordered her chief investigator Don McWilliams to conduct internet searches on grand jurors, special prosecutors and two judges.

At least some of those searches were conducted with county paid for databases.

“Does that constitute a misuse or abuse of official information?” KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy said.

After reviewing Texas law, Androphy suggested the DA searches may have crossed the line. Grand jurors’ names were sealed by court order months before the DA told her chief investigator to dig up their political past.

“They had access to the names and they were searching out the names that no one else had the ability to search out,” Androphy said.

“And that may cause legal problems for them?” we asked Androphy.

“Absolutely. And at least it will cause someone to review this,” he replied.

See here for the backstory. None of this means that there will be any charges brought, or that any wrongdoing will be alleged. But one way or another we ought to get an answer to the question about whether or not there had been an “investigation” of some of the people involved in that grand jury hearing.

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