Friday random ten: Songs for an unromantic Valentine’s Day

There are many songs to express one’s romantic feelings for one’s partner on Valentine’s Day and to help put one’s partner in the mood for love. These are not ten of those songs.

1. If You Want Me To Love You – Asylum Street Spankers
2. All Lovers Are Deranged – David Gilmour
3. Ant In Alaska – Liz Phair
4. I Hold Your Hand In Mine – Tom Lehrer
5. Big Bottom – Paul and Storm
6. Bloody Mother F**king Asshole – Martha Wainwright
7. Lyin’ Ass Bitch – Fishbone
8. I’m So Sick Of You – Weird Al Yankovic
9. Shorty’s Gal – Austin Lounge Lizards
10. Serves You Right To Suffer – John Lee Hooker

“Big Bottom” is a cover of the Spinal Tap classic. Weird Al, of course, has many unromantic songs in his repertoire. “Shorty’s Gal” is basically a recasting of the well-loathed Bobby Goldsboro classic “Honey” to make the relationship between a “professional gal” as they put it in the intro and her customer. As for “If You Want Me To Love You”, well, I’ll let the song speak for itself:

Now isn’t that sweet? Happy Valentine’s Day. Please don’t dedicate any of these songs to your loved one.

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One Response to Friday random ten: Songs for an unromantic Valentine’s Day

  1. William Hughes says:

    I think you’re missing two…

    Boot Hill – Johnny Winter (Any song where a man tells a woman to look up on a wall and hand him his gun followed by advising her to call her mother long distance to expect her to come home in a body bag is an anti-Valentine where I come from).

    Delia’s Gone – Johnny Cash (Either the original from The World of Johnny Cash or the remake.)

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