Interview with Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Challenging Pat Lykos in the GOP primary for District Attorney is another person who has spent years as a judge, Mike Anderson. Anderson started out in the DA’s office after completing law school and spent 17 years as a prosecutor, including as a Special Crimes prosecutor in the Major Offenders Division. He was elected to the 262nd District Criminal Court bench in 1998, and in 2009 was elected Administrative Judge by his fellow Criminal District Court Judges. He also served on the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

Once again, a note about timing. This interview was conducted two weeks before the Lykos interview. The grand jury had not issued its report then, nor had there been any allegations about the grand jury being investigated. As such, the questions I asked Anderson were a little different than the ones I asked Lykos. It would be nice if nothing interesting ever happened to any candidate in a race between the time I do these interviews and the time I publish them, but that’s not how it works. With that said, here’s the interview:

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