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Dallas extends smoking ban

Good for them.

Smoking will soon be illegal in Dallas bars, billiard halls and most other workplaces as the Dallas City Council [Wednesday] afternoon voted 10-5 to expand the city’s municipal smoking ordinance.

The vote came after a more than four-hour debate on whether to expand Dallas’ smoking ordinance, with council members offering 11 separate amendments — only one passed — to the main expansion proposal.

The ordinance will allow existing tobacco shops, as well as established cigar and hookah bars, to continue operating unfettered. Cigar and hookah bars must earn 15 percent of their revenue from tobacco or tobacco product sales to be considered such under city law. Outdoor patios also remain exempt from the expanded law.

People or businesses found violating the city’s expanded ordinance face a $200 fine.

Sounds awfully similar to Houston’s law, and last I checked the world had not come to an end. I believe we’ll see another push for a statewide ban in the next legislative session, and with more and more cities adopting their own ordinances, I think there may be the momentum to carry it through this time. Previous entry on this here.

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  1. Pete says:

    Sound like a good time for the state legislature to get to work and pass a Texas wide public smoking ban.

  2. Bob says:

    Smoking bans are really profitable for politicians. Just ask governor Blago of Illinois how much he was paid for his ban.

  3. Mike Harrington says:

    Yeah, this is nanny-state authoritarianism masked. I drink at home now. Shove your smoking bans.

  4. Carey says:

    Well Mike, your loss is other people’s gain. I didn’t even start going to bars in Houston until they passed the no smoking ordinance. It’s so nice to be able to go out to have a few drinks with friends and not smell like an ashtray afterward. If there was a way to smoke without the smoke getting in the lungs of others nearby, I would be against the ban. But the fact is, there isn’t.