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Interview with Wanda Adams

CM Wanda Adams

Also running in HD131 is Wanda Adams, who has served two full terms in Houston City Council District D and was re-elected easily for her third term last November. Adams is a native Houstonian who graduated from Kashmere High School and Texas Southern University. She worked for the city prior to her election to Council in 2007, serving in the City of Houston Housing Authority and the Harris County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association, and in the Citizens’ Assistance Division of the Mayor’s Office. She is the Chair of the Housing, Sustainable Growth, and Development Committee on Council. Here’s our conversation:

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One Comment

  1. joshua bullard says:

    If there were ever a politician that talked a good game but almost never delivered the goods, it would be wanda adams,i will be the first to admit,she talks a great game but in her tenure as city council woman in sunnyside and third ward the majority of projects that where completed for roads and sidewalks she had done in the montrose area rather than her base of her voters on the south end of her district,she sat silent when the state came in and shut the childrens elemantary schools down and she has allowed the mayor to put off projects for badly needed work in sunnyside for almost another ten years,now once again she rears herself up to the surface to deliver the same lies she has been using for years to ask her same base of voters to put her in office even though nothing ever changed with there community since she took office,what wanda adams doesnt realize is that eventually the people stop buying the same old tickets to the same old show,sadly wanda adams is running for a position that already has a candidate that has delivered the goods and has kept her voters extremly happy which will be reflected with great numbers for the re-election of alma allen 131.

    no thanks wanda adams-my vote stays with Dr alma allen

    respectfully submitted joshua ben bullard