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Electric car update

From the Texas Green Report.

NRG Energy has committed $10 million to launch America’s first privately-financed electric vehicle charging network and plans to fully wire Houston to support electric cars without straining the grid in the next couple of years.  NRG is operating through eVgo in North Texas and is expected to build 70 electrical charging stations by the end of March.  Tokyo only needed 60 fast chargers to be fully wired, or only needed 60 chargers to facilitate all vehicles in the city, and Houston is expected to be fully wired with only 50-150.  eVgo’s “Freedom Stations” have both level one (110V) and level two (208-240V) chargers that will be open 24/7.  Thirty five should be completed in Houston by Labor Day with an additional 25 in Dallas.  NRG plans to fully expand to the “Texas triangle” of Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth.  As Dallas and Houston convert to EVs fewer emissions will be released, and the air quality in both cities should improve; more so, Green Mountain, which is owned by NRG, produces all energy from clean sources, including wind turbines in West Texas, so cars can be driven without emissions and have power from non-polluting power plants.

There’s more at the post, so go check it out. Honestly, I just posted that as an excuse to post this:

This has been your They Might Be Giants moment for the day. You’re welcome.

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