Interview with Pete Gallego

Pete Gallego

There are two Congressional districts in Texas that are on the national radar as November battlefields. One is CD14 thanks mostly to the candidacy of Nick Lampson, and the other is CD23, which flipped to the Democrats in 2006 after the last redistricting litigation concluded in the Supreme Court, then flipped back to the Republicans in the 2010 tsunami. Running to take the seat back from freshman GOP Rep. Quico Canseco are a couple of familiar names, the first of which is State Rep. Pete Gallego, seeking to move up after serving eleven terms in the State House. Gallego has been the Chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus and has been a leader of the House Democratic Caucus. He has served as the Chair of numerous committees, most recently the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, where he has championed a number of key reforms, including eyewitness identification procedures. Here’s what we talked about:

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