Homeless feeding ordinance town hall tonight

It’s at 6:30 PM at the Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 8300 Katy Freeway. You can see a map here and the flyer for the town hall here. Judging by the organizers and the fact that the email I was forwarded about it was sent by CM Brown’s office, I’d say it’s likely to predominantly favor the opposition to the ordinance. Of course, nothing is stopping the proponents of this ordinance from holding their own town hall meeting, if they’re interested in people hearing their perspective, or from attending this meeting if they choose. It’s there if you want to go, so go if you want.

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One Response to Homeless feeding ordinance town hall tonight

  1. B. K. Oxley (binkley) says:

    I ran some quick Google research on homelessness in Houston over the long-term. I find plenty of information for any given year, e.g., down 5% in 2012 from same point in 2011, up in 2011 from same point in 2010, but I’ve not found a reliable source for the long-term view.

    Do you have a source you’ve used?

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