Friday random ten: Workin’ in the asteroid mines

Didn’t I read something the other day about mining asteroids? Well, here are ten suggestions for that new venture’s corporate theme song.

1. Space Oddity – David Bowie
2. Space Truckin’ – Deep Purple
3. Outer Space – Ace Frehley
4. Hillbillies From Outer Space – The Vaughan Brothers
5. Pipes In Space – The Rogues
6. Spacemen Rockin’ In The House Next Door – Feo y Loco
7. Rocket Man – Kate Bush
8. Fly Me To The Moon – Trinity University Jazz Band
9. Moons Of Jupiter – Eddie From Ohio
10. Bagpipes On Mars – Enter The Haggis

Or they could always go for some celebrity endorsements. I hear these guys are available:

See you next time.

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One Response to Friday random ten: Workin’ in the asteroid mines

  1. Paul Havlak says:

    Another good asteroid-mining-colony song, although it’s about six months out of season:

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