The silliness shifts to the Senate

So one phrase I do not expect to type this year is “All hell has just broken loose in the House”. It would seem that I should not expect the same from the Senate, based on the shenanigans of the first day. Just goes to show that one should never underestimate the willingness of someone who desperately wants to win a statewide Republican primary to pander to the base. This can go one of two ways: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst can back away from the divisive distractions and focus instead on the real work of the session, of which there is plenty, or he can ensure that all hell breaks loose in the Senate. It’s up to him which direction gets taken.

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One Response to The silliness shifts to the Senate

  1. RBearSAT says:

    Dewhurst, our next Craddick. It’s interesting to see where the Rs have taken their fight. They lost the fertile ground in the House when Straus took over. I just Dewhurst and the Senate Rs will look over at the House and realize what happens when you play the childish (aka political) games.

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