For shame, Keryl Douglas

Take a look at what was being handed out at an early voting location yesterday:

Keryl Douglas push card

So much for all those denials about that “Ministers for Keryl” email. You’d think that President Obama’s recent embrace of marriage equality might have made her reconsider this course of action. I mean, it’s likely that the national platform will contain a plank endorsing marriage equality. Even putting that aside, non-discrimination in all forms is a basic and bedrock Democratic value. How in the world does Keryl Douglas think she can lead the Harris County Democratic Party if she doesn’t share those values?

Primary campaigns are always the worst, because we’re all supposed to be on the same team. The fights we do have tend to be that much nastier because we otherwise generally agree with each other, on the goals if not always on how we reach them. If you’re going to launch a personal attack against a fellow Democrat, it really ought to be for conduct unbecoming of a person who would represent us in that particular office. Producing and distributing this push card is definitely conduct unbecoming, especially for a would-be party chair. For shame, Keryl Douglas.

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8 Responses to For shame, Keryl Douglas

  1. joshua bullard says:

    charles kuffner makes some valid points,”however”even i have to admit,when i see this push card “initially”i am taking aback,but,when you read it once or twice or even three times,its clear that charles is not disputing what is stated about lane lewis-what kuffner is complaing about is the context that it is being used-he feels that keryl is using “slight of hand”after a full review,its easy to see that shes not.lane lewis is a great guy,i have met him in person a number of times,yet he is not the right candidate to lead the democrat party,lanes record is for alot of voters -a highly sensitive issue(not for me)but for lots of voters it is,and these voters deserve to make their own desision based on both candidates record,be it job,or personal past relationships,if you want me to come on out and spell it out for you(i am not scared to do so) if a voter doesnt want to vote for her because she is a blackwoman-they have that right,and if a voter does not want to vote for lane(although i disagree)lewis because he is gay,then they also have that right. its a risky political manuever that i would advocate against-it falls a little shy of being disriminatory,charles,lane lewis is gay,you and i know that,but the keryl camp feels that by informing as many voters that he is gay it may give her the edge-i disagree,but we will see…

    written by joshua “ben”bullard

  2. John says:

    Hateful, but a strong message about her character.

  3. Temple Houston says:

    It appears that Keryl Douglas has gone out of her way to make some longterm enemies. Her actions in this campaign were unnecessary, unhelpful, unforgiveable and unforgettable. In case she didn’t know already, she will never live this down and her actions will come back if she is ever a candidate for elective or appointive office in the future. That’s not a threat from me, it’s just a statement of the way things are. Her candidacy and her campaign are not helpful to the Harris County Democratic Party, so let us hope she doesn’t win. If she does win, it will be very difficult for her to run the party in this county. The only beneficiaries of her possible election would be the Repugnants.

  4. KT says:

    This is gay-baiting plain and simple.

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  6. matx says:

    “Occupation: ???”–really, Keryl, he’s the interim HCDP chair–the position you’re running for. Low-information homophobic Dem voters may be swayed, but you should have just touted your own background and left Lane off of your card. I predict that Keryl will soon be adding “unsuccessful run for HCDP Chair” to her list of credentials.

  7. Athena says:

    What makes an ultra-conservative Republican sycophant like you think that any Democrat cares what your opinion is regarding who would make a good Democratic Chair? You are not our friend and you definitely do not have any Democrat’s best interest in mind.

    In your rambling post you are trying to stir up minority issues by suggesting that Democrats won’t vote for her because she is African-American. Those of us that won’t vote for her do so because Lane is the most qualified candidate and already doing a great job in that position. She has been an evasive stealth candidate that has evaded questioning by the press or the majority of Harris County voters. That and having over 61 percent of your campaign contributions come from Paul Kubosh, and posing with Randy Kubosh are sure-fire ways to alienate a real Democrat. And, the drivel she has posted about how her opponents admire her integrity and passion, and the “even key Harris County Republicans admire me.”

    It is never right to vote or discriminate against anyone because they are a minority. Never! That you feel it necessary to repeat that crap is despicable. What makes you think that is ever a right or right to discriminate? I know that your Republican buddies have no problem with it, but most Democrats do. That you apparently don’t really seem to think—not thinking is a big part of your problems–that prejudice is wrong.

    I hope that after this election, you and the Kubosh’s will introduce her and welcome her to your Tea Party, because win, lose or draw she will no longer be welcome by most Democrats. She will be anathema and will permanently lose the support and vote of the GLBT population and the majority of the Democratic voters that support them. She and Elaine Palmer, and only because they are bigots and believe in Republican ideals. I would suspect that President Obama, the true leader of our party would not look upon their actions, accusations and bigotry with any favor. But you should welcome her with open arms and ya’ll can have yourselves one heck of a hate-fest.

    Right now, your malicious and malevolent cohorts are probably rubbing their portly hands with glee, primed to jump on the other Kubosh candidate, Elaine Palmer, so they can get another unqualified Tea Party oaf, Ken Shortreed onto the District 215 bench. All of you miscreants can deny it all you want, but that won’t make it untrue. Felix has already given Shortreed his stain of an endorsement and I just can’t see Downtown Pachyderm president Randy turning away from the club’s chaplain, Shortreed.

    Yours is an unwelcome and thoroughly unnecessary tale of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Go away and don’t come back.

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