Sadler and the Senate runoff

One of the two candidates in the Democratic runoff for US Senate was at the TDP convention last week.

Paul Sadler

U.S. Senate candidate Paul Sadler, who still faces a runoff fight with a candidate who’s a complete unknown, told reporters on Saturday that he’s used his three days at the convention to meet with as many delegates as possible and that the expressions of financial support have been almost constant.

He said it didn’t matter to him which Republican he faced, assuming he prevails in the runoff, although he noted that the most passionate voters participate in runoffs. That would seem to favor Ted Cruz, the fervent tea party favorite.


Sadler, a former state representative from East Texas known for his school finance expertise, said he was concerned about his runoff with retired San Antonio educator Grady Yarbrough, who reportedly was as surprised as any Democrat that he finished second in primary voting. Sadler, a Henderson attorney, vowed to travel the state and meet with as many Democrats as possible to make sure that Yarbrough, something of a hobby candidate, didn’t spring any more surprises.

I don’t claim to know what Republicans are thinking about for their Senate runoff, but I figure getting booed by attendees at the GOP convention doesn’t bode well for David Dewhurst. As far as our runoff goes, I look at it this way. It’s highly unlikely that too many people will show up to vote on July 31 who don’t have a good idea of who all the candidates are and why they support this one over that one. I figure that gives Sadler, who has been by far the more active campaigner and who has the endorsement of Sean Hubbard, the advantage in the race. I sure hope it does, anyway.

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2 Responses to Sadler and the Senate runoff

  1. Mainstream says:

    I would expect that most voters in the Democrat runoff will be focused on a local county judge, or DA, or state rep contest, and that for those voters the US Senate race will be an afterthought. Has the average supporter of Jamaal Smith or Gene Wu ever heard of Sadler? Yarbrough is the better ballot name. We may end up with Cruz and a Democrat no one can support, just like we ended up with Anderson and Lloyd Oliver. Sadler might at least make Cruz-Sadler competitive.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    but then again charles kuffner,it may also be possible that people used the internet to research the candidates in this race and actually made a informed desicion as a voter and voted for the “unknown”

    i mean come on kuffner,if you didnt learn anything with the oliver for d a race,then what are we waiting for “LIGHTING”?????????????


    joshua ben bullard

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