Mailing letters about the homeless ordinance

Not really sure what to make of this.

Activists against Houston’s new restrictions on feeding the homeless plan to mail around 30,000 letters Friday to urge voters to sign a petition to trigger a charter amendment election in November.

Paul Kubosh, a defense lawyer who was also behind the referendum effort against the red-light camera tickets, will send the letters to more than 70,000 registered voters. Along with members of Ministers Against Crime and the Houston Area Pastor Council, Kubosh calls the controversial ordinance a “draconian anti-giving and sharing food law.”

Okay. Some percentage of those letters will be received and read. Some percentage of those who read the letters will be inclined to do something about it. You then have to actually get a petition in front of those people to sign, all by July 31. I’m not saying they can’t do it, but there’s a lot to be done between posting the letters and presenting the petitions for certification. We’ll see how it goes. Hair Balls has more.

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11 Responses to Mailing letters about the homeless ordinance

  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    We think we can get it done.

  2. Houstonian says:

    What’s the big dang deal about getting permission from a property owner. Much ado about nothing.

  3. Paul Kubosh says:


    Now I know you are smarter than that. Its not about the property owner. First of all without the ordiance the property owners always had tresspass laws to protect their interests. With the new ordinance now they have the state law of tresspass and the city ordinance requiring permission. What the amendment will do will not change the city ordinance as it applies to private property owners but it will change the law as it is applied to public property.

  4. Ross says:

    Paul, why shouldn’t you have to get permission to feed a bunch of folks on public property? That way, at least HPD can show up to keep order, and the health department can make sure the food is served correctly.

    And, since I don’t think you even live in Houston, what concern is it to you anyway? Feed the homeless in your own neighborhood.

  5. Lonnie Allsbrooks says:

    I am against any new ordinance being passed, until the City enforces the ordinances that are in effect and have been for years. For example, beggars on all public streets, especially those jumping on vehicles or walking in front of vehicles while intoxicated, which will lead to a death eventually and the driver will have to live with that for their remaining life. Other examples of ordinances not enforced, banners not placed on building, no permits and hanging for weeks, as the banner across from Onion Creek, has been hanging for 6 years and for the purpose to be vicious to a homeowner. How about the ordinance that was passed last year on Open House, Garage Sales and all other signs placed on street corners. These ordinances are created for City revenue and only enforced when someone in power gets upset and goes on a witch hunt. If we really want to help the homeless and care about their safety, than lets look at the long term picture, let’s help those who don’t have an ID, address, etc, and let’s put a program in place where we help them not hurt them. We don’t have the space for the homeless to visit without a 3 hour wait or dealing with those who have serious mental issues. I meet with several of them in downtown area, listen and discuss their concerns, and some of them really want to work, but they need some help on items needed for a job. The crazy part on this ordinance, which was adjusted, why would the City pick up the bill for the public’s food safety certification, like we need another bill. It would make more sense to use that money on a long term plan or by helping them find a safe place to sleep, not under the freeway, tucked away in cracks that are full of trash and rodents, as shown on Channel 11. It seems as if the Council wants to punish the public with all these ordinances, instead of finding a solution, creating a plan or working together on all issues. That’s my reply!!! Enjoy!!!!

  6. Paul Kubosh says:

    Ross, if that is how you feel then vote against the ordinance. As far as living in the City of Houston is concerned when they stop taxing me I will stop caring what they do. I probably pay way more City taxes then you do so I have way more invested in the city then you do. Just my two cents. Glad you responded. Take care.

  7. Paul Kubosh says:

    Lonnie, there has been homelessness as long as there has been prostitution. It will never go away. The question becomes do you really want a law in place that makes it illegal for any citizen to feed them? If you do then vote against, if you do not then vote for.

  8. Joseph Houston says:

    I’m pretty sure that most homeless people would welcome a meal without any inspections by city health workers. Charity is a basic element of civic duty and if problems are created by a few of these efforts, an ordinance is not going to help in any way. It strikes me that such an ordinance just adds red tape and will be used to push the homeless away from specific areas of town, the areas that certain politicians & their friends live or at least their campaign contributors.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love extra tools to work with on the job but having been homeless myself years ago, I’m pretty sure I’d rather we not hinder efforts to help those in need.

  9. Lonnie Allsbrooks says:

    Paul, I am with you on this topic, against making it illegal to feed homeless. Yes I understand there will always be hungry people whom are homeless. My point was, Council needs to stop creating these ridiculous ordinances. Obviously, you did not understand my point or I didn’t explain my point very well, of which I did!!! The comparison you gave had nothing to do with my comments. Let me make it easy for you, sir! Dear Mayor and Council Members, Please stop creating any other ordinances, until we can enforce the ones we already have in place. Also, if you want be to stop giving food to the homeless, than you need to open several homeless kitchens in each district, to make up the lost our city will experience, if new ordinance passes. I know we are always going to have the home less and prostitution, so why even think about a program to help those who need support to find housing and jobs, and Paul I want to Thank you for clearing my choices and all that you do for our City!!!! LOL

  10. Paul Kubosh says:


    I am glad you are on my side. Do I know you? 🙂

  11. Lonnie Allsbrooks says:

    I do not believe we have met. Look forward in meeting.

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