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Weekend link dump for July 29

Homo sapiens were once close to extinction. If that ever happens again, it’ll be for very different reasons.

Who knew “Three’s Company” had lawyers?

The cows would want you to support marriage equality, Chick-Fil-A. Your statement about treating every person “with honor, dignity and respect — regardless of their belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender” is nice and all, but you don’t get to be “nice” when you deny other people basic human rights.

Along those lines, three cheers for the Jim Henson Company. And whatever your feelings on this issue, you might want to avoid Chick–Fil-A on August 1, unless you like long lines.

Science catches up with the Mythbusters and Cecil Adams before them.

Some people will go to greater lengths to help President Obama get re-elected than others.

Death of Facebook predicted. Film at 11.

Who said people who are in movies are more attractive than the rest of us?

As a math major I could have told you that hyphenation is exponentiation and doomed to fail as a result.

Five ways that airlines separate you from your money.

Clean energy projections are routinely lowballed.

I love a good customer service story. This is a delightful customer service story.

Who cares about the Constitution when you have the Articles of Confederation? It’s like the last 200+ years never happened.

Richard Nixon’s “Hispanic strategy” was way ahead of its time.

Even the people pushing voter ID admit that there’s no such thing as vote fraud by impersonation.

The Internet as we know it was made possible by the government. Just ask the people who were there creating it.

For the old school Dr Pepper fans out there.

RIP, Sally Ride. You were an inspiration to all of us.

“It’s a pretty straightforward recipe: Wrap a hot dog in bacon, deep-fry it, dip it in “bacon-bit-enriched” batter and give it another hot grease bath.” If you’ll excuse me, I need to do some research on local cardiologists.

RIP, Sherman Hemsley.

That Mitt Romney. What a card.

“We’ve suffered through so many phony gaffes, we’d forgotten what a real one looked like.”

Who wears the dead wolf snuggie better?

More girl Jedis, please.

Why does the Washington Post continue to employ a lying liar like Charles Krauthammer? Why do newspapers across the country print the words of a lying liar like Charles Krauthammer?

RIP, Inkblot. You will be missed.

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