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Weekend link dump for August 19

Last week of freedom, kids.

Election fraud is a lot more prosaic than its most vocal partisans would have you think.

I hope to remain clear-headed enough to never be tempted to climb Mount Everest.

People have been pounding caffeine for pretty much ever.

Nuns On The Bus >> Mitt Romney.

Why “pro-life” is not the same as “pro-family”, “pro-child”, or “pro-mother”.

Pity the poor, picked-on Koch Brothers. Try being decent human beings instead of greedy scuzzballs, fellas. It might help.

What do Christian fundamentalists have against set theory? Don’t mess with Georg Cantor, that’s all I know.

Two words: Bacon s’mores. You’re welcome.

How you should have celebrated Shark Week.

“The Committee is not impressed with revisionist claims that Greedo shot first.”

My dinner with Andre‘s robot.

Hey girl, it’s Paul Ryan Gosling comin’ at ya.

Happy 40th birthday, PFLAG.

“HR 212 would almost certainly make IVF illegal, and since Mitt Romney’s kids have used IVF it would, as the headline says, make them criminals. Or childless. Is that a brutal way of putting it? Sure. But it’s a pretty brutal law. What’s wrong with letting people know in stark terms just exactly what it would mean?” Oh, and by the way – Paul Ryan was a cosponsor of HR 212.

I don’t have a “driverless car”, I have an “electronically chauffeured vehicle”. Now pass me the damn Grey Poupon already.

RIP, Helen Gurley Brown. I think Jezebel has the best memorial.

And RIP, Ron Palillo, a/k/a Arnold Horshack.

Is it even possible for Congress’ approval rating to go any lower?

Would your child know what to do if she got lost or separated from you in a public place?

Some excellent Julia Child video clips in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday.

Pottypalooza appears to have been a success.

No more meta-serious conversing about the issues! We had the power to be actually seriously conversing about them all along!

Bye, ALEC. Smell ya later.

Of course our Jumbotrons are bigger in Texas. What did you expect?

Jane Eyre = Bella Swan. Discuss. And I was never much impressed by classical literature, either.

Apparently there are consequences for being a lying liar. Sometimes, anyway. Who knew?

Sometimes, the machine rages against you.

On speaking off the cuff. I always thought it was a synonym for speaking extemporaneously, but apparently not.

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