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Weekend link dump for August 26

School starts tomorrow. I swear, the older I get, the shorter summer seems to be.

It’s a lot easier to find a bus stop these days.

That sounds you hear is Tiffany demanding to know how she can be chosen to participate in a study like this.

There’s a simpler explanation for Democratic apostates like these guys: They’re all huge jerks.

Three words: Presidential slash fiction. Yeah, now I need to go wash my brain out with bleach, too.

Cable TV is still hanging in there despite predictions of its doom.

“Sister Wives” lawsuit allowed to go forward.

Bullies really hate it when people fight back.

If you wonder why some of us keep referring to a war on women, it’s largely because people like Todd Akin are in positions of power. But it’s not just Todd Akin, and that’s the real problem. And with one more vote on the Supreme Court, they could impose their will on the country.

And I really hope someone reads this to Todd Akin. Not that I expect him to understand it, of course.

Death of Silicon Valley predicted. Film at 11.

Evangelism that’s meant to alienate and exclude is completely alien to what Jesus actually taught.

“The British Empire is over, Niall. It had its day.”

RIP, Phyllis Diller.

Men like this just make me cringe.

Skinny-dipping is not a sin, even when Congressmen do it.

Hugh Hefner is pro-marriage equality.

The Tesla Museum in New York will become a reality thanks to The Oatmeal.

“That, I think, is often one attraction of moralism: the false promise of safety from calamity and capricious suffering.”

Hey, it’s that guy! 25 actors who were on “Law and Order” before they were famous.

Wolverine! And this is pretty much par for the course.

Also, as an FYI for any non-Texas writer who comments about this: A “County Judge” is not a person who wears a robe and conducts trials, though they do have the authority to do so in courts that don’t hear the major felony or civil cases. A “County Judge” presides over the “Commissioners Court”, which is the governing body for counties in Texas. It’s a little like being the Mayor of a county.

Once again, the GOP Presidential ticket gets its hand slapped for using music without permission. File a DMCA suit, Dee!

RIP, Jerry Nelson, Muppeteer extraordinaire.

More cities need outlaw monkey mascots.

Conservatives are only saying they want a truce on social issues because they’re losing the argument on them.

This is indeed the stupidest story you’ll read this week.

“Pennsylvania’s “Voter Hall of Fame,” organized by the Department of State, is a list of 21,000 inductees who have voted in 50 consecutive general elections. Of the 5,923 of them who are currently registered voters, 1,384 of them either have no valid state ID or have an ID which expired before Nov. 6, 2011, which would make it invalid at the polls under the state’s voter ID law.”

RIP, Neil Armstrong.

Congratulations and Mazel Tov, Roy and Kia!

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